Released in 1989, this cassette release was my first professional release, reviewed in Option magazine, Sound Choice, Gajoob, Factsheet Five, and other zines.

From the liner notes: 'no acoustic instruments were used in the production of this recording. All songs were created by recording the parts into a sequencer in real time and playing them back through electronic keyboards and drum machines.'. It took 11 keyboards and 2 drum machines to produce electrophonic. Tracks marked with an asterisk appear on the CD Lost In Time.

  1. *Suburbia (Elephant Jam) 4:15
  2. *Autumn Leaves/Summertime 4:11
  3. *Samba for Steve 4:19
  4. Night Song II (electric) 4:20
  5. *Now I've Found You 4:56
  6. Round Body Midnight and Soul 5:40
  7. Untied 5:00 - remastered in 2010 for the *Mesa Village Blues 5:11

Here are the three music videos for electrophonic tracks, as seen on Austin's ACTV cable channel (in rotation for more than 10 years!)

Sequenced tracks recorded September 1987 - August 1989. Mixed direct to DAT August 5-7, 1989 at Sixth Street Studio.

Produced, composed, arranged and performed by Karl Rehn (except as noted).

Associate producer - Andrew Wimsatt

Drum programming - Chris Bennett and Karl Rehn

Recording Engineer - Aaron White

Advice and Support - Peter McNutt

Cover Art - Michael 'Mick' McMillan

Layout - Glen 'Mr Write' Cox

Autumn Leaves by Johnny Mercer, Summertime by George Gershwin, Round Midnight by Theolonius Monk, Body and Soul and J. Green.

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