Triktrax was formed in 1984, featuring players I knew from the Austin ISD All City Jazz Band. The band was led and fronted by Derrick Edmonson who played saxes, flutes and sang. We had several drummers including Otis Hayes, and several bass players, including founding member Bob Bellemans, and later Clark Ellison. By 1986 we were playing every Tuesday at Ragtime on Austin's famous 6th Street and placed 9th in the Austin Chronicle best jazz band poll. As the band abandoned its fusion jazz roots and shifted to funk, I started gigging with rock cover band Stuck in Neutral) and Trik trax continued on mainly as a funk band, placing 5th in the 1989 Austin Chronicle poll.

Some vintage tracks from a 1983 demo (very lo fi) featuring me, Derrick, and Bob. John Taylor was the drummer on this.

  1. In The Morning
  2. All in Love is Fair
  3. Chinatown
  4. Maracas Beach
  5. Sea Journey

Tracks from a demo recorded 08-11-84, with me, Derrick, Clark Ellison, a guitar player named Louis and a drummer (maybe Otis Hayes). Rodney Lee guests on "Sponge" on organ.

  1. Tune 88
  2. Watersign
  3. Sponge - remastered in 2010 for the evolution CD (2010 version here)
  4. Whats Going On (Louis vocal)
  5. Somebody's Watching Me (Derrick vocal)

old Triktrax flyer really old Triktrax flyer

Aus Chron 1986