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I played with Ekztatekz in Austin briefly in 1986. They were a synth-pop duo that had been performing with sequenced bass, drums and keys. They added me and a bass player for 2 songs on their studio demo, and there were plans to play live. However, the bass player and I both quit after the demo producer took our more organic Talking Heads/B-52's influenced sound and turned it into this Eurodisco/Yamaha DX-7 heavy sound. The song "In Your Eyes" was included in an Austin music sampler that was given out to 5000 participants at the 1986 NY New Music Seminar (see Austin Chronicle article below).

In Your Eyes (MP3)

Racing with Desire (MP3)

ultimatum gig flyer

Ekz Chron 1986

Details: Recorded at Lone Star Studios, Austin, TX October 1985.

Scott Attaway - guitar, co-engineer

Lea Flowers - vocals

Les (?) - bass

Karl Rehn - keyboards

Mike Navarro - percussion

Jay Hudson - recording engineer

mixed to digital PCM format.