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We're Undercover So Don't Tell Anybody
(Best of live collection, remastered 2011)

all tracks: Max Westbrook (vocals, bari sax, percussion), Karl Rehn (keys, vocals), Curtis Layne (guitar, vocals), Mick McMillan (guitar), Todd Myers (drums, vocals)

Undercover 1.0: (Monroe Stinson on bass, Dr. Scott on sax, Virginia Higginbotham on t-bone, Mike Olsen on trumpet, Paul Crist on sax)

Nutty Brown 6/24/2004
Sweet Home Alabama
Peter Gunn / Surf / Third Stone
I’m a Man

Cedar Street 9/29/2004 
Black Magic Woman
Feelin Alright

APD Ball 10/24/2004
Gimme Some Lovin

Undercover 1.5: (Monroe on bass, Dr. Scott on sax, Virginia H on t-bone, Mike Olsen on trumpet)

City Hall 11-15-2004
Don’t Deny Me

Buda 2-8-2005

CD (with horns and overdubbed acoustic guitar) 2005, exact date unk

Undercover 2.0: (Mark Thompson on bass, Dr. Scott on sax)

Riata 9-25-2006
Back to the City
Mustang Sally
Little Sister

Jammin at Karls Feb 2007
Midnight Hour

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