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Live at Cafe Brazil, 6th Street, Austin, TX 9.6.1985 (Karl Rehn (keys, guitar, vocals), Craig Berlin (bass, vocals), Robert Rubin (gtr), John McIlhenney (lead vocals), ? drums). This remains one of my all time favorite shows, mainly because of the energy we got from the crowd. It was Cafe Brazil's anniversary party, with quarter beer. We played past 2 a.m. to a packed house on their outdoor patio. Show was recorded to cassette and original recording quality was quite good. I digitally remastered it for posting here.

  1. Set One (45 min)
  2. Set Two (45 min)
  3. Set Three (45 min)
  4. Set Four (45 min)

Best of Cafe Brazil show

  1. Rock You Up
  2. Forever Man
  3. Black Coffee in Bed
  4. Him or Me
  5. No Time
  6. Talks in Stereo
  7. Love Me Two Times
  8. Apple of My Eye
  9. Cross Eyed and Painless
  10. Shakin
  11. Carnaval of Sorts > Radio Free Europe
  12. Do It Again (Kinks)
  13. Pump it Up
  14. Money for Nothing
  15. Ain't That a Shame > Surrender

1986 Demo, First Star Studios, Austin Texas (Karl Rehn (keys, guitar, vocals), Craig Berlin (bass, vocals), Robert Rubin (gtr), Jack Brandt (lead vocals), Don Pryor (drums)). These are the raw tracks from a live-to-cassette-plus-overdubs demo project. We played partial songs with plans to fade pieces together to make a 5 minute demo. Because we only planned to use segments of these recordings, we had some fun with some of the endings. Also digitally remastered.

  1. All Right Now
  2. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
  3. Lowdown
  4. Play That Funky Music
  5. Money for Nothing
  6. Money for nothing take 2 (omitted)
  7. Strength
  8. Never Been Any Reason
  9. Alison
  10. New Year's Day
  11. Love Me Two Times
  12. David Letterman theme (band intro)


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