Live at the Stafford

Recorded at the Grand Stafford Theatre in Bryan, TX, during the Texas Reds Festival in 2008. Re-mastered, edited and bonus tracks added in 2013. Features Leanne (vocals), Eric Lindquist (guitar), Karl Rehn (keys, vocals), Brian Lippman (bass), Mike Fridel (drums, vocals)

  1. Man Sized Job
  2. Every Time I Roll the Dice
  3. I Don't Need No Doctor
  4. Old Habits
  5. Prison of Love
  6. You Can Have My Husband
  7. If Lovin You is Wrong
  8. Whippin Post (2013 edit)
  9. Start It Up (2013 bonus track)
  10. Time To Go (2013 bonus track)
  11. Chain of Fools (2013 bonus track)
  12. Purple Rain (2013 bonus track)

Live 2008