Best of 2011 Live

Includes tracks from "Hangin at Live Oak" as well as shows at the Texas Reds Festival, Yankees and other venues.

Features Leanne (vocals), Greg Phelps (guitar), Karl Rehn (keys, vocals), Brian Lippman (bass), Michael Holleman (drums, vocals)

  1. CC Ryder
  2. Siftin Through the Ashes
  3. That's a Lie
  4. Make You a Believer
  5. Chain of Fools
  6. What is Hip
  7. Start It Up
  8. Don't It Make you Wanna Dance
  9. That's a Lie
  10. You're No Good
  11. Melting Pot
  12. Wings
  13. Somebody to Love
  14. I Don't Need No Doctor > Whole Lotta Love
  15. Brick
  16. You can Have my Husband
  17. Bad Girls