Best of 2013 live

Tracks recorded at Shooters in Brenham, Lake Bryan, Yankees and a few other wide spots in the road. Features some long jams.

Features Leanne (vocals), Greg Phelps (guitar), Karl Rehn (keys, vocals), Brian Lippman (bass), Michael Holleman (drums, vocals)

  1. You Can Have My Husband
  2. Had to Cry Today (jam)
  3. Melting Pot > Smoke on the Water > Wings
  4. The Thrill is Gone
  5. Takes What It Takes > Breakdown > Takes What it Takes
  6. If Lovin You is Wrong > Stairway jam
  7. Good Day For the Blues > Can't Always Get What You Want > Feelin Alright > Gospel Jam


LREX 2013