et al. (2000)

The 'et al' CD includes studio and live performances, featuring members of Java Jazz (Paul Hollis, Jesse Bradley Jr., Dan Lott, Jeff Botta), Ken Ragsdale Orchestra (Bill Sullivan, Phill Richey), my long time collaborator Andrew Wimsatt, and KR Training instructor Michael McMillan.

The Songs In Order

  1. Carnaval - written by Andrew Wimsatt. This bubbly track features Andrew on lead guitar. I contributed the piano solo and flute melody.
  2. Four Brothers - A classic jazz standard that I arranged for a piano, vibes, bass and drums 'virtual quartet' (I play all the parts).
  3. Black Orpheus - A live track recorded at a Java Jam gig at the Stonehouse Grill. Features Phill Richey (trumpet), Bill Sullivan (bass), Jerry Theriault (drums), Paul Hollis (guitar), and Jesse Bradley, Jr (saxophone).
  4. All Alone - written by Paul Hollis. Normally performed by Java Jazz, my arrangement goes for the classic jazz organ combo sound.
  5. Too Tired to Dream - This track grew from a late night piano improvisation into a full arrangement.
  6. (I Wrote It) About You - written by J. Bradley Jr. Another Java Jazz original that I re-arranged for this studio recording. Featuring Jesse on sax and Paul on rhythm guitar. I play the lead guitar at the end of the track.
  7. Yasamabaha - written by Andrew Wimsatt. Another track featuring Andrew on lead guitar. I played the piano solo and lead guitar in the middle section.
  8. Men In Blues - written by Karl Rehn and Michael McMillan. This is a 'jam song' written so that Mick could play some wailing guitar.
  9. Leben-Thirty- written by J. Bradley, Jr. A great live track from a Java Jazz gig featuring Jesse, Paul, Dan Lott (bass) and Jeff Botta (drums).
  10. Midnight Gospel - This track also started as a late-night piano improvisation.
  11. transition- written by Karl Rehn and Andrew Wimsatt. In the style of Steve Reich and Peter Gabriel.
  12. Wedding March - Penny asked me to write an arrangement of Dvorak's 8th symphony, 4th movement, for our wedding. This is the song she walked down the aisle to. The aisle wasn't long enough to allow the organist to play the whole piece at the wedding, so I recorded it myself and put it on the CD.

Make Your Own CD

The jewel case insert has a front and a back (makes 4 pages). Here are the 300 dpi files for the front and back.

Here's the 300 dpi file for the jewel case back.