Luigi's 06-05-09

Karl Rehn (piano), Robert Pope (6 string electric bass), Chris Lippke (drums), Pablo Tani (saxophones), Duilio Tani (clarinet), Don Pope (bari sax and flute), Andrew Wimsatt (guitar), Kyle Johnson (trombone)

The DAT recorder appears to be on its last legs. Some tracks are clean, some have glitches. Looking into all digital (no tape) replacements. I tried placing the mics in a different location to get less drums and more piano. This worked but at the cost of less horns. Will try something different next time.

The show: drummer Chris Lippke (a high school friend of Pablo's) joins us for the first time, driving in from San Marcos. Andrew sits in on guitar, and the horn section of Pablo, Duilio, Don, and Kyle harmonize and trade licks. The band hits a serious New Orleans groove on "Do you know what it means" and ends up playing it a 2nd time when the audience asks for an encore performance.

1-Nearness of You
2-Watch What Happens
3-But Beautiful
4-Take the A Train
5-In a Mellow Tone
7-Don't Get Around Much Anymore (bad glitches)
8-Song For My Father (bad glitches)
9-When Sunny Gets Blue (bad glitches)
*10-Green Dolphin Street (some glitches)
**11-Do You Know What it Means To Miss New Orleans (glitches)
*12-Canteloupe Island
*13-Autumn Leaves (in Gm)
**14-Take Five
*15-All Blues
**16-Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans (encore)
**17-Mercy Mercy Mercy (with quotes from Sanford and Son, Chameleon, Ants Marching, horns trading licks and more!)

"and it ends the way it began, with each person playing his own song..." - Don Pope (at the end of Mercy Mercy Mercy)