Luigi's 02-21-09

Karl Rehn (piano & keyboards), Matt Bowers (bass), Santiago Tani(drums), Pablo Tani (saxophones), Duilio Tani (clarinet), Scott Plugge (tenor), Eric Daniels (bari sax), Sparky Koerner (trumpet)

Many special guests for this show. Unfortunately my decision to re-use a DAT tape I had used to record an earlier show was a bad one. My portable DAT recorder decided that it didn't like that tape and had multiple glitches that show up as gaps in the recording. Large chunks of each song are listenable, sorry about the glitches.

1- Autumn Leaves (excerpt)
2- My Funny Valentine
3- All Blues
4- Blue Bossa
5- Georgia On My Mind
**6- MercyMercyMercy (27 minutes long, ends with gonzo drum solo from Santi)